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Updated digital presence for Viesse Pompe

Viesse Pompe Italia srl is expanding.

Since it was founded, the company based in Reggio Emilia has stayed focused on the need to improve and expand the many fields of application, and now exports its products all around the world.

Specialised in the design and production of pumps to handle black water, drainage water, sea water and sewage, Viesse Pompe Italia has perfected its technical expertise and commercial skills thanks to its ongoing research.

Its sales organisation and communications services are also subject to continuous upgrading so the firm can respond promptly to the demands of its customers.

This includes its new website, developed with extreme care to make it easier for visitors to find the ideal pumping system for their specific needs.

Motor pumps or electric pumps, self-priming and vacuum assisted pumps: go to the products section to find more details about our full range of pumps. There are countless applications, illustrated in the Sectors section: many solutions for the construction industry, industry in general and agriculture in addition to the potential uses by emergency services and fire fighters.

The new website also explains how the ROBUSTA system works, the revolutionary hydraulic module developed with the support of the University of Padua.

Enjoy the website!

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